Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Services
baby eating yogurt with a spoon

Richmond Pediatric Dysphagia is committed to bringing skilled, medically-based feeding and swallowing therapy services and compassionate care directly to your home. Our goal is to promote developmentally appropriate eating and swallowing skills that will help your child become a safe, efficient and happy eater as well as promoting a positive mealtime environment for both child and family alike.  RPD is also committed to working as a team with all of your medical providers to promote a unified approach to addressing your child’s needs.


mother helping child eat


We know that feeding a child is a central and essential part of the parenting journey.  We also know that feeding times can be extremely stressful when feeding difficulties arise.  Our staff is specialized in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders and has worked with children of all ages and many different medical and social backgrounds.  The Speech-Language Pathologist will bring evidence-based knowledge and compassionate care into your home to work with your child in the natural environment, as well as coach parents/caregivers to use feeding techniques that are specifically tailored to meet your child’s needs.


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